Is the building in good condition?




Are walkways, passages and stairs free from obstruction and in good repair?




Do stairs have adequate and secure handrails?




Is space allocation acceptable?




Are floors free from obstruction and tripping hazards? (eg. trailing cables)




Are fire exits clearly identified? Are fire extinguishers easily accessible?




Is the lighting adequate, and light fittings, flexes and switches in good repair?




Are the premises cleaned regularly and effectively?




Are waste disposal arrangements adequate and waste storage areas regularly inspected?




Are flammable / hazardous substances and materials properly used, handled, stored, transported and disposed of?




Are notices displayed identifying:-

Health & Safety hazards

Fire exits / procedures

First aid facilities and procedure




Is personal protective equipment provided free to employees?




Is there an adequate supply of drinking water and means of boiling water for drinks?




Does the factory have a smoking policy?




Does the factory have an eating / drinking policy?




Are there adequate rest and eating facilities?




Are the sanitary arrangements adequate?





Working Hours / Wages

What are the normal hours of work?


What is the policy for overtime?


Do workers have off at least one day in seven?


What is the minimum wage required by local law?


What is the lowest hourly wage paid to trainee workers in this facility?


If a piece rate system is used, what steps are taken to ensure that workers receive at least the minimum wage?


Are workers paid during periods of illness?


How much holiday per annum are workers given and is the holiday taken with pay?


Child Labour / Young Workers

How does the factory verify the ages of new workers? Are records kept?


What is the legal school leaving age?

Are there any workers between school leaving age and 18yrs in this factory?


Health & Safety

How many trained first aid persons are there per 50 workers?


Are first aid supplies readily available and regularly maintained?


Is there a procedure to report / record accidents?


Is equipment clean and well maintained when used?


Are all moving parts likely to cause injury suitably guarded/protected?


Is adequate training and supervision provided to ensure health and safety of workers?


Residential Accommodation

Are residential facilities safe? (Particularly with regards to fire safety)


Are they clean and provide sufficient space and privacy for an individual to live comfortably?


Are there sanitary facilities with clean running water?


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