Ethics we only work suppliers and factories who meet the ethical and environmental standards demanded by today's consumer.

We will outline the standards of conduct and behaviour, which we see as fundamental in our procurement of merchandise.


SUPPLIER RELATIONSHIPS We seek to develop long term business relationships with our suppliers who should have a natural respect for our ethical standards in the context of their particular culture. Our relationships with suppliers are based on the principals of fair and honest dealings to all others, with whom they do business, including employees, sub-contractors and other third parties.


  • We have specific requirements relating to employment conditions based on a respect for fundamental human rights.
  • Wages, hours of work & entitlements: Conditions, such as minimum wages, overtime, hours of work and sick pay must be fully compatible with local custom and practice and must comply with all local laws.
  • Child labour: Exploitation of child labour or any other vulnerable group is totally unacceptable. Suppliers must not employ any person under the minimum legal working age applicable to their country and under no circumstances to employ anybody below 14 years of age.
  • Forced labour: We will not tolerate forced labour, bonded labour or labour which involves physical or mental abuse. This means suppliers must not use or threaten workers with any physical punishment, or dominate or restrain workers by force authority or threats.
  • Health and safety: Suppliers must ensure they abide by all local laws relating to health and safety in the workplace and residentially where facilities are provided . It is imperative that any amendments to these laws are implemented and that all standards of health and safety are maintained at the forefront of local custom and practice.
  • First Aid: It is a requirement that adequate provision for first aid exists for all suppliers.
  • Working Conditions: We expect adequate working facilities to be provided for all workers specifically:

    access to sanitation, drinking water and fire escapes;
    adequate ventilation
    provision of meal breaks
    acceptable working temperatures

  • Discrimination: Suppliers must treat everyone fairly when choosing and dealing with their workers. You must not treat any person less favourably because of their race, colour, religion gender, sexuality, age or disability.


Suppliers are expected to adhere to all local laws with respect to protection of the environment. It is a joint responsibility of Shelsham Trading Co Ltd and our suppliers to actively work to improve the environment and to proactively pursue any local initiatives that bring about that improvement.


We require suppliers to make full disclosure to us of all facts and circumstances concerning production, use of sub-contractors and the use of other third parties.

  • Monitoring: We will ensure that standards of compliance on the part of our own employees and suppliers are actively audited and monitored and are an integral part of the day to day management process.
  • Sanctions: If any supplier is found to be in breach of this Code of Conduct and is not prepared to take corrective action, we will not hesitate to end our business relationship including the right to cancel any orders without recourse to compensation.
  • Awareness & Training: We will take all necessary steps to ensure that our employees and suppliers are made fully aware of our standards and requirements. We will take all necessary actions to promote full understanding and co-operation with the aims and objectives of this code.
  • Development of the code: We will ensure that the code is reviewed on a regular basis and revised where necessary. All employees and suppliers will be invited to contribute towards the further development of the Code over time.